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November 14, 2013


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Our roads suck. They are a vortex of suckage.

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 14, 2013, 3:40 PM
I hate potholes. We have plenty of them in my little corner of the UK, although the locals would argue the word "pothole" is incorrect (we prefer "craters", "fissures" or "canyons").

Now, many of you are thinking "so drive around them, you bellend" - and quite rightly so. Like many I driver, I prefer to adopt that strategy in lieu of edgier techniques, such as choosing to use a different road, or getting out of the car to yell at them, or moving house.

However, as you may know, in Blighty we are subjected to a fair degree of rain. This renders potholes indistinguishable from innocent puddles on the road - but EVEN THIS in and of itself is not necessarily a problem, as the regulars will have the locations of all potholes memorised anyway. No, my friends; it is when a new bastard pothole pops up that disaster strikes.

So on that note, this happened to my car the other day:

Both wheels on that side. Eugh. THANKS FOR NOTHING, EARTH.

There is an upside to my traversing the tarmac patchwork quilt that forms our road network, though:

Aww yeah! 123456 miles. :squee:

What a bittersweet week it has been.

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P3r0 Dec 4, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh man, what a crap :|
But I can reassure you... if I want to drive to a friend from me, I have plenty of those.
I couldn't say it is a road I use... it's a


But your miles?

FaithlessHyren Nov 27, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You got your tripmeter to read 789.0!
You lucky bastard!
I managed to get mine to read 123.4 when my Odo was 123456, but I didn't have enough planning for 789.0
(My odo; )
Hey that's a good one too, though :D well done!

I had been planning this one for thousands of miles before, though... think the idea came into being around 118000 miles! I rack up miles quickly so it was really only a couple of months, and then about two weeks from execution (at 122667 miles) to completion. :D

Doesn't matter now as the bloody car was so broken it failed its MOT and I didn't want to spend the money to set it right. But that's a story for another journal post because there is a ton of other bullshit that has happened since this pothole incident as well! And that is why I haven't got any further with any more artwork, haha.
FaithlessHyren Nov 28, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm hoping my car passes it's (Australian equivalent of) MOT when it's finally due in.
When I bought the thing at 122,000km, it was leaking oil, had tires that didn't even fulfil the criteria of "Black, round and holds air", had 20 brake pads (if that) which I managed to set on fire, and had completely blown shocks.
So far, I've replaced the front tyres (the important ones in my case), replaced the brake pads with ones that won't fade and emit white smoke half way down a mountain pass, and fixed the oil leak through hard driving.
The shocks are still shot, though.
I haven't really sat down to do art in months, and my car is a good part of the reason why. There's always been something to work on.
Cdpaliden Nov 25, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I live in Vermont, you know, that little state in the US that had to blackmail its way into the union? (Thanks for the help with that, mister UK, we do appreciate it!) Anyways, our roads are pretty horrible over here. We joke that the Airforce uses our roads for target practice, but we all know that's false.

...Twice a year the Airforce actually takes a bulldozer to their target ranges to flatten the ground back out. (That's twice a year more than we see road crews!)
Pissed off at potholes.
But overly excited over a simple series of numbers on the odometer.
You, my friend, are quite special xD
You mean thpeshul, right? :D
No comment :|

*Trying not to laugh*
Not that roads in the US necessarily compare, but I think my car felt sympathy for yours.  After I saw this, I went out and my passenger rear tire was flat--and apparently one of the nuts that hold the wheel on broke off in the deal.  Cars are massive pains in the junk.  Metaphorical urinary tract infections, the lot of them.
Blimey. How'd you break a wheel nut??

Yeah I'm getting rid of this car now. I took it to the garage for an MOT, the guy doing the test took one look, walked back into the office and told the guy booking it in "fuck this, I wanna go home". 

When I came back they were like "it's shit" and handed me several long printed lists of reasons why.
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